History of Bad Säckingen

Die Geschichte Bad SäckingensThe town is more than 1,200 years old and tied to it's monastery, which was founded in the 7th century by the Irisch Wandering Monk Saint Fridolin, who is the city's patron still today. Over the centuries Saeckingen was destroyed several times by fire and war but never-the-less remained a center of science and culture.

Because the region is rich with water the town used to be an important place for the textile industry until the middle of the 20th Century.

Saeckingen became worldwide famous by Victor von Scheffel's epic verses "The Trumpetor of Saeckingen", which was released first in 1854. Still today it is quite possible to follow the traces of the noble Ursula von Schoenau and the common man Werner Kirchhofer. The romantic love story of the historically known couple builds the basic outline of the "Trumpet of Saeckingen".

The guided city tours with the "Trumpeter of Saeckingen" or the "Night Watcher" are beloved by the people especially because they are dressed in historical costumes. For tourist groups, company outings or family celebrations, we offer special arrangements including large meals and guided city tours.

Since the Middle Ages, Saeckingen was well known for it's spa tradition. In 1978 the town was appointed as a spa town and got the title BAD. Today Saeckingen is called BAD SAECKINGEN.

An extensive documentary about the history of Bad Saeckingen's from it's beginning to today is available at www.saeckinger-geschichte.de